NBA 2K17 gameplay update: free adidas Yeezy plus an underwater arena and mascot wars

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NBA 2K17 gameplay update
Photo Courtesy: NBA 2K 2K17/Twitter

NBA 2K17 gameplay update details here! If you’ve been wanting to sport a free pair of adidas Yeezy, NBA 2K17 is the place to get it. In game, at least.

Ronnie Singh talked to NBA 2KTV and dished out juicy details on the upcoming NBA 2K17 including the free Adidas Yeezy pair waiting for the players. Aside from three bundle editions, everyone pre-ordering the NBA 2K17 will also get an early tip-off access on September 16. That’s four days earlier than the scheduled September 20.

Adidas Yeezy for free

Kanye West’s pair are finally coming to the NBA 2K17 game for free. Don the pair and see if wearing the Adidas Yeezy pair affects your game play.

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Underwater Arena

Play some and explore the Underwater Arena. Create panoramic shots that gives you the under-the-sea feels with the new arena featured in the NBA 2K17 release.

Peeps The Pup Unlocked

Reach Legend 74 level in my Park and you’ll get a new playmate in the form of Peeps the Pup who might even dunk better than you. So if you get tired playing with other players online, this dog can play ball with you.

Time Locker Codes

Another NBA 2K17 gameplay update is the resurrection of locker codes. And what’s great about it is that this time, it will be time locker codes. It will be based on the logs created instead of being user-based. This addition was one of the most requested feature from the NBA 2K community.

Mascot Wars

Ronnie also shared there will be a mascot wars but left everyone hanging as to what will go down in the Mascot Wars.

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Sig Nation

Another NBA 2K17 gameplay update the team took seriously was the NBA animation recommendations past NBA 2K iterations missed. As part of the upgrade, you will finally see J.R. Smith going wild for the three!

Lay Up Contest

Players can show their lay up skills in the lay up contest which will will be part of All-Star Weekend. Get ready to see some of the best layup takers perform on their way to the ring.

Photo Courtesy: NBA 2K 2K17/Twitter

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