New Marvel vs Capcom 4 characters from MCU; Scheduled for release in 2017

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Marvel vs Capcom 4 characters

Online reports have indicated that Capcom will be releasing the much-anticipated Marvel vs Capcom 4 in 2017. And fans could not be more excited about the follow-up to one of the most popular fighting titles in the gaming world. But aside from the actual game, fans are also excited for the cast of Marvel vs Capcom 4 characters.

Marvel vs Capcom 4 Poster

Marvel vs Capcom 4 Poster?
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One of the rumored characters who many are hoping will be in the lineup is Cable. And with the popular X-Force character appearing in the upcoming Deadpool follow-up, there’s a strong chance that he will be in the game. Anyway, he’s already appeared in Marvel vs Capcom 2.

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Another MCU star is expected to make his Marvel vs Capcom return with Thanos already appearing in a couple of Marvel movies. And given his history with the game franchise, it seems likely that the galactic baddie will be back to wreak havoc on both Marvel and Capcom characters.

Marvel vs Capcom 4 characters roster to include classic Capcom characters?

Fans are also hoping that Ken Masters will see a return to the Marvel vs Capcom 4 characters list as he was very much missed in the previous outing. Some are also looking forward to seeing Wang Tang or Fokker from Power Stone and even characters from less popular games like Onimusha.

But it looks like many of the new characters who will be joining the game will be MCU mainstays like Apocalypse, Ant-Man and even Squirrel Girl.

Regardless, it does seem like that fans of the series are more than ecstatic about the reports of the possible 2017 release of Marvel vs Capcom 4. More updates and information about the game are expected to be announced on Saturday at the Playstation Experience event.

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While waiting, let us know who else you think will be joining the Marvel vs Capcom 4 characters roster in the comment section below!

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