New PayPal survey reveals mobile gaming is the king over console and PC

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The holiday season is almost just around the corner and game companies, like PS4 and Xbox, are vying to capture a large percentage of consumers by offering a lot of freebies and promos. However, a recent survey conducted by PayPal revealed that mobile gaming is the king that lords over them.

The survey, which was a collaboration with SuperData Research, observed 10,000 consumers across 10 global markets to find out consumer behavior when it comes to digital media. The countries who participated in the survey are Japan, the US, the UK, the UAE, Poland, Germany, Italy, Spain, Russia, France, and Germany. The research revealed that 78 percent of US gamers use their mobile phones compared to the 49 percent who use their PS4 consoles and 48 percent for PC.

The survey also showed that mobile gaming still rules even in the office where 30 percent use their phones to play games in the office compared to 13 percent who use their laptops and 10 percent who use their consoles to play a game in the office. This makes sense, of course, since mobile phones are more convenient and discreet. Moreover, mobile phone gaming is less time-consuming than console gaming. The survey said that 40 percent of the survey participants revealed that they have spent at least two hours in one session playing console games.

Another surprising fact that was revealed in the survey was between men and women, the female population prefers casual and consumer games more than men. Women are also very interested in gaming-related movies as the survey revealed that 51 percent of the women surveyed watched gaming videos online in the past three months. Meanwhile, 67 percent of gamers prefer the action genre while adventure games got 53 percent.

The survey was part of PayPal’s data aggregation to find out what form of payment digital consumers use when making purchases online. The survey revealed that most gamers prefer PayPal while Amazon Payments is the preferred mode of payment for non-gaming purchases.

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