No Man’s Sky 1.05 patch notes for PS4 revealed? Bored gamers result 88% drop from its player base count?

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No Man's Sky 1.05 patch for PS4
Hello Games releases No Man’s Sky 1.05 patch notes, however, they’re only intended for PC platform. They weren’t able to specify contents for PS4 console.

No Man’s Sky 1.05 patch notes were only made available for PC platform. Until now, the new-generation console users were waiting for Hello Games to release another version of the bug fixes for PS4.

The game developer recently confirmed about creating bug fixes for its PS4 version, which they promised to their avid players. Based from the details they gave, the patch weighed 35MB containing the briefest notes.

Concerning its patch contents, there were no specific details released yet. Express reported that the users in this particular console should wait further until Hello Games could finally reveal the specific changes they prepared for the game play.

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As of now, only the bug fixing updates for PC were slated. The same source mentioned that there were immediate changes occurred once the users applied these patches on the game play.

In fact, they were able to solve the crashing issues and others as high as 70 per cent from the total support requests. Moreover, the solutions for the remaining 30 per cent were under development.

Hello Games explained about their huge amount of work done to keep a smooth gaming for No Man’s Sky. They said that these updates caused them so much work for a small team like them.

“We’ve now released 3 patches, and hopefully they really improve the experience for everybody. As you can see it’s been a huge amount of work for a small team. We appreciate your patience and understanding,” the team wrote.

Regardless of the hard work the developer gave for their first game released in the market, many of their player base felt bored from the first day it was launched. According to PC Gamer, No Man’s Sky’s number of players dramatically dropped to 88 per cent within the first month.

Reasons behind this fall were publicized. Majority of the users felt bored after playing the game. Initially, there were 212, 620 people who waited and played the game on its first day. Then, it declined to as low as 22, 852 this week.

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The same source described this kind of situation as a “Hell Drop” based from its high declining number of users less than 30 days after its official launching. Other notable games with the highest record of drops like Fallout 4 only got 74 per cent decline from the total number of players.

So far, No Man’s Sky recorded the highest number. Will Hello Games resolve this problem or retain the structure of the game that bores most of their players?

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