No Man’s Sky offering refunds regardless of hours played?

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No Man's Sky refund
No Man’s Sky refund

No Man’s Sky was poised to be an epic adventure that will enable gamers to traverse through galaxies in search for the center of the universe. Despite the big words and the initial hype, No Man’s Land has been a cosmos of disappointment, with players complaining of little action and the lack of a multi-player option.

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These, along with other technical issues, have prompted some players to lash out at Hello Games for not meeting the hype of being able to explore over 18 quintillion planets. In response, Steam one of the game’s distribution channels has been reported to offer players a refund, regardless of playing time. Some sources also indicate that the PlayStation Network will also be offering refunds for the game, following Sony’s refund policy.

The statement of Steam regarding the No Man’s Sky refund policy was posted by the company here. The Steam policy indicates “The standard Steam refund policy applies to No Man’s Sky. There are no special exemptions available. Click here for more detail on the Steam refund policy,” in the No Man’s Sky Steam page.

Although the game is claimed to still be in the development phase, a lot of the players who have complained no longer want to wait for the updates and just want the refund, instead. Game Rants has reported that the game has already seen a 90% drop, going from 157,000 players down to just 10,000, 10 days since its release. Sales for the game also gave a foreboding number with an 81% drop in the UK alone.

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Some of the game’s fans have been critical of the refund policy, though, like former Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Strategic Content Director Shahid Ahmad, who said that people who refund a game after playing 50 hours are thieves, in response to the No Man’s Sky reports. His tweet can be seen below.

But with other gamers complaining of dizziness, headaches and just plain boredom because of the game’s repetitive gameplay, No Man’s Sky may just as well see more thieves in the coming months.

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