Overwatch character McCree has become one woman’s object of fantasy

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Reddit is abuzz recently when a certain user posted in a subreddit if anyone knows who this Jesse character is because his girlfriend mentioned that name when they were making love.

The story was rather hilarious, but if indeed it was true, then the guy was so pitiful. He recounted his story in the Reddit community r/relationship, saying he and his girlfriend were making love when she moaned and whispered the name, Jesse. He was shocked why his girlfriend would mention another man’s name. So he asked her and she was also shocked but explained that Jesse was the name of a character from Overwatch.

Perplexed and perhaps wanted to know if his girlfriend was telling the truth, he turned to Reddit and asked who the heck was Jesse. The community was quick enough to reply saying that Jesse was the first name of McCree, a cowboy in Overwatch.

One community member said that Jesse McCree has been the subject of a lot of erotic fan fiction that revolves around Overwatch characters. He said that McCree is often paired with another Overwatch character, the Japanese archer Hanzo Shimada. He added that the guy’s girlfriend might be reading one of these erotic stories and imagining herself as Hanzo and she’s embarrassed to admit that.

Another user even made a joke about it, saying that next time the couple made love again and his girlfriend mentions the name again, he should answer back with a moan of his own and say ‘it’s high noon.’ Overwatch players know, of course, that the phrase is McCree’s signature expression.

The fact that a woman would have a crush on a game character might be quite strange but those who are familiar with fan fictions are not surprised and could even relate to the girlfriend. One user said that a lot of people are into these fan fictions that it’s not surprising if the stories and their characters would make its way into their sex life.

Photo Courtesy: Xbox Community/Flickr

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