Overwatch Upcoming Characters: Big boost & more firepower to be added

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In addition to its first post-launch hero Ana, Blizzard will also bring a series of major changes to existing Overwatch characters, such as Mercy, Zenyatta and D.Va.

On the Overwatch’s official website, Blizzard recently revealed the full patch notes on the upcoming update that’s currently available on the game’s public testing servers, and major updates are incoming for a number of heroes.

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According to Gamerant, Mercy will get a number of balance updates. Her Damage Boost now offers a 50 percent bump and not 30 percent, but can no longer be stacked with another Mercy’s boost. Mercy’s Ultimate costs 30 percent more, but will now be able to move while activating her Ultimate. Using it also refreshes the cooldown on Guardian Angel, but reviving teammates will cost 30 percent more.

Mercy isn’t the only existing Overwatch support character to get the latest updates. Zenyatta will also get some substantial character changes, which will make him more of a viable support hero. Zenyatta’s base shields have been increased by 50, giving him 50 health and 150 shields. His Orb of Discord and Orb of Harmony will now travel faster (120, up from 30), and his Transcendence Ultimate will allow him to move twice as quickly and provides a healing boost from 200 to 300 health per second.

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D.Va has undergone the most massive changes in the latest Blizzard update, where it sees her Defense Matrix shield changed dramatically. It’s cooldown has also been reduced from 10 seconds to one, and it will now cost a resource to activate. It will take 10 seconds to get a full charge, which will allow it to be out for about four seconds. But, like Reinhardt’s shield, the shield will only deploy while holding a button. Finally, D.Va’s Ultimate also changes, will now cost 15 percent less, and with a three-second fuse instead of four. Additionally, it no longer damages the player who launched it, which will allow for some more aggressive plays.

Finally, a series of minor tweaks and bug fixes have also been made to those who have self-healing capabilities. There are also some random general additions like numerical values in the optional menus and some changes in the mouse sensitivity.

Overwatch is currently available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Picture Courtesy: Virginia Vanessa Dornheim/Flickr Creative Commons

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