Overwatch gets a major facelift, New hero gets also new weapon

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Overwatch release date and updates
A month after the initial Overwatch release date seemed to be overwhelming. Blizzard Entertainment announced to pull out Competitive Mode, added new system.

Overwatch has undergone some major changes, the game’s competitive play has been adjusted to prevent major disappointment. It’s a long way from perfect, but overall it makes a good sense. One thing is sure here, Blizzard won’t stop working why it is best to assess players’ performances and abilities. It always wanted the best experience for the Overwatch gamers.

Recently, if a member of the enemy team rage quit in a match, the other team easily won, and that team takes a pretty severe penalty to their Skill Rating adjustment. As of Friday after the fixed, it is no longer the case for Overwatch.

Blizzard has made changes on Thursday, but gamers would not easily recognize the effects immediately. According to the Overwatch forum (via PCGamesN), there was a bug in the update which has not yet been fixed by Friday.

Blizzard said the issue has been fixed since Friday and has confirmed the system and is now working as intended. Meanwhile, in a forum, Blizzard explained that they made some changes on Thursday, so if a player will leave during the match, it would no longer affect how Skill Rating is adjusted at the end. Apparently, this didn’t work as intended, however, as a bug is fixed, the changes go live.

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Aside from major competitive play adjustment, Overwatch is also expected to have a major announcement at the upcoming Comic-Con in San Diego on July 21. At this event, fans will be able to see the game’s newest hero and the latest update on the development of the game as well as its final release date.

Unfortunately, Blizzard has no much detailed information yet about the upcoming hero, it only stated that the new hero is an alleged sniper with some sort of healing ability. The teaser video apparently held so many mysterious details about the character of this new hero, but fans were able to speculate that the blurred, hooded character might be Sombra.

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In addition to the new hero and competitive play adjustments, Overwatch also introduced a new rifle that will be used in the game along with the blueprint of the rifle in a Twitter post.

But for the final design of the rifle and its relation with the new hero, fans will have to wait for another Blizzard’s event or press conference.

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