‘Overwatch’ might tweak some of its characters

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McGree (photo courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment)

“Overwatch” has recently just come out and already there is much player reaction to it. Not only because it is currently one of the popular new games out there, but also because of its immersive world and characters. Just like any online game it has its fair share of players who want to have balance in the game.

Any gamer who has played online games will know that players will often complain of characters being overpowered. Perhaps online gaming is one of hardest to balance, as various players have different experiences with characters. Developers and publishers often have a hard time just keeping up with player requests to either make a character weaker or stronger.

Blizzard’s official forums have players asking for characters to be made weaker or stronger, as IGN reports. In any online game this is normal as players often have different experiences with characters. In a game such as “Overwatch” this is especially true as the game has a roster of 21 different characters, which would then have some characters to be overpowered more than the others.

There seem to be three characters who stand out being the most cited by “Overwatch” players. These characters are McCree, D.Va and Reaper. Of the three, McCree seems to have the most concern among players.

In response to players’ feedback, principal game designer Geoff Goodman has been keeping a close watch on how players react to the characters. He says that there could be changes coming to some of the characters, PC Gamer notes.

“I’ve been watching McCree carefully since we’ve released,” Goodman said on the forums. He has further noted that the character might be too good even against tanks. He said he will test out the character and see if there might be some possible changes to be made.

For D.Va though he has noted that players feel she is underpowered for a tank and might have some improvements along the way. He did discount any possibility of increasing her damage. He has also noted Reaper.

A change for the character might come soon, as game director Jeff Kaplan notes. He said that the teleportation effect on Reaper will be colored blue if the character is on the same team so as to minimize confusion.

So far these are just some of the characters that might have some changes. It is not certain when the changes might come though. What is certain is that at some point “Overwatch” will likely see changes as more player input is given, which will help in improving the game.

Photo courtesy: Blizzard Entertainment

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