Overwatch update: Overwatch hits milestone with over 10 million players

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Tracer and Widowmaker in Overwatch (photo courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment)

The popularity of Blizzard’s new game just keeps getting bigger as it has hit a new milestone. “Overwatch” now has over 10 million players, surpassing its open beta record of 9.7 million. With less than a month since it was released, the game has already attracted millions of old and new players. There is indication that it will only get bigger by the time it reaches its second month.

PC Gamer reports that “Overwatch” has a new record with over 10 million players now registered. Blizzard has announced on Twitter this new record. It was done in just three weeks since the game has made its commercial release.

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“Ten million Overwatch agents activated and counting! Thank you for daring to see the world for what it could be,” the official “Overwatch” Twitter account said on its post. The ten million players are the combined number from all platforms. That means then players from PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have all been counted. Still, it is an impressive accomplishment by any measure.

With this new milestone, “Overwatch” is on its way to possibly reach an even bigger number and go after Blizzard’s biggest games to date. CNet notes that “World of Warcraft” had over 12 million players at its peak. This is the number that “Overwatch” is going after next. With how the trend is with the game’s popularity there is a big possibility that it will reach or even surpass that number.

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An even bigger number has been achieved by “Heartstone” with over 40 million players. If the rise of “Overwatch” continues it will likely also reach that number in no time. Whether it will become Blizzard’s biggest game remains to be seen. With how much response it had from its beta test runs until its release there is nowhere the game can go but up even higher.

This is despite the recent controversy that the game had over some characters such as McCree and Widowmaker. Both characters have been nerfed after players have observed them to be somewhat more overpowered than other characters. Another character that might get that treatment is Reaper. D.Va would be the opposite as there is talk that it might have some of her abilities turned up as some feel she is underpowered.

“Overwatch” is now out for the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Photo courtesy: Blizzard Entertainment

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