Overwatch nerfing update: Blizzard confirms McCree, Widowmaker nerfed in patch notes

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Widowmaker (photo courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment)

Just last week there has been talk of characters in “Overwatch” being nerfed after players have observed that certain characters used seem to be more powerful than others. Now it seems that Blizzard has taken action on this as McCree and Widowmaker are said to have their abilities lessened.

The patch notes for the first big update of “Overwatch” since launch has been posted over at the official forums, PC Gamer reports. On the patch notes it states that McCree will have his alt-fire damage decreased.

From 70 then his alt-fire damage has now been reduced to 45. However, PC Gamer notes that reloading time for him has been increased. It has gone up from 0.75 seconds to 0.3 seconds.

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It isn’t just McCree who has his damage output changed. Widowmaker has her Widow’s Kiss sniper fire base damage reduced as well. Before it had been at 15 but now that has been reduced to 12.

Other changes made include having her ultimate charge cost increased by ten percent. Players using her now cannot enter sniper mode at once but have to wait until the exit sniper mode animation has also finished.

Kotaku has said that the changes would mean that players using the characters will have to adjust in the way they play. For instance, for Widowmaker players will have to make head shots more often than body shots.

This would be much more difficult as other players move around, and the head is a much smaller target than the body. This will test the skill of players using her in focusing on a much smaller target.

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For now the changes are applicable only to characters in the PC version. Console players will have to wait for the changes to take effect, which will come at a later time, as Polygon says in its report. The changes made hope to balance the game more.

“McCree was performing to well against all targets,” Blizzard’s patch notes said. As for Widowmaker, Blizzard notes that Infra-Sight, which is her ultimate ability, has been coming out too often. With her ultimate out often, this has significant impact in the game, which has frustrated a number of players already.

Just a few weeks back it was discussed that there might be a possibility of some characters having their abilities reduced, and last week Widowmaker has been added to those characters that would be nerfed.

Photo courtesy: Official Blizzard Entertainment website

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