Overwatch nerfing issue: Widowmaker might be target as well

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Widowmaker (photo courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment_

With “Overwatch” just over two weeks since its commercial release, it already has around 7 million players. More are coming into the game as it is expected to surpass the record it had during the open beta. But with more players means more controversy, as well as the issue of nerfing or tweaking certain characters, have surfaced. Widowmaker might be one of those characters being considered.

Earlier it was reported that certain characters might have changed following players’ observations and comments. McCree and Reaper might see a possible nerf. Another character though might also see her abilities toned down. There are reports that Widowmaker might be nerfed as well.

According to PC Gamer, Widowmaker might be a possible candidate for having her abilities lessened. There is much talk over at the official “Overwatch” forum about Widowmaker tipping the balance between two opposing teams. Blizzard says that it is looking into possible solutions to the situation.

“Widowmaker is on our radar,” game director Jeff Kaplan said on the “Overwatch” forum. Though he has said that the development team is discussing it no real decision has been made yet. He has stated that they will do further testing to see what could be done and will let the player’s community know about it.

PCGamesN has noted that players who use Widowmaker have the ability to take down lesser characters. She has a high skill ceiling and can also deal out a lot of damage, a combination that can be fatal in any game. Just like McCree, Widowmaker can give out a massive amount of damage. The team’s concern about McCree could apply to Widowmaker as well.

If Widowmaker and McCree might have a possible nerf, D.Va might have some aspects of her abilities strengthened. The team isn’t sure which aspect would be turned up, though. Kaplan said that they are still exploring the possibility of raising either her mobility, survivability or another aspect. He did say that they will not raise all of those abilities at once but would go gradually.

One concern for players using her is its damage output. It has been noted that players have to be close to the target to make an effective damage using her. This is something Kaplan said that they might raise. Lead hero designer Geoff Goodman has also noted this about D.Va. He said that D.Va’s weak output has been balanced by her mobility though he also said they will see what they can do to raise its damage output.

It is still not clear when the changes to the characters will come, or even if there will be some changes. The “Overwatch” development team will continue to look into the characters mentioned and made internal testing before any solution would be made public. As of now players will have to be creative in going around countering certain characters to win the game.

“Overwatch” is now commercially available for the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Photo courtesy: Blizzard Entertainment

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