Overwatch cross platform play update: PC might not be possible because of advantage

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Overwatch’s Tracer and Widowmaker (photo courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment)

“Overwatch” continues to grow from the time it was released last May. There are over 7 million players of the game and more are being added. It will likely surpass the 9.7 million players that joined in open beta. With its popularity, there is a discussion of making cross-platform play possible for the game.

While Blizzard is said to be deciding on making cross console play possible, making “Overwatch” for cross-platform play is another thing. According to Gamespot having cross play between console and PC might not be a possibility because of the advantage PC players have.

Many gamers note that the use of a keyboard and mouse is still the easiest and practical way of playing video games. Even if the controllers for consoles are much easier now to use, pressing the buttons in quick succession can still be difficult especially for less experienced players. The ability to also program gaming mice and keyboards make life easier for PC gamers to win over their console rivals.

This has been the thinking of Blizzard as well when senior designer Jeremy Craig said in an interview that cross-platform may not be possible to keep the game fair and balanced. In the meantime, unless Blizzard changes its stance, PC gamers will have to go against fellow PC gamers while console players will likewise battle against their own counterparts.

While Blizzard might not be decided on cross-platform gameplay now, it has not totally ruled out its possibility either. IGN reports that the official “Overwatch” Twitter account has said it will look at its possibility, at least as far as consoles go. So there might be a possibility of PlayStation 4 players going up against Xbox One players.

Whether cross-platform play will come is still up in the air, though Ecumenical News states that it will benefit the game much if it would be implemented. Blizzard might still see the possibility of a PC versus console game for “Overwatch” if a way can be found to lessen or at least mitigate the advantage PC gamers has with the use of a gaming mouse and keyboard.

Recently as well there have been rumors of possible characters being added to the game. Discussions of having Sombra and Liao coming into the game has circulated in the gaming community though Blizzard has not yet confirmed anything. However, there are plans to eventually expand the game so there is a big chance of having new characters as well as new maps introduced into the game.

“Overwatch” is now available for the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Photo courtesy: Blizzard Entertainment

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