Overwatch reveals first new post-launch hero, Support sniper Ana

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Overwatch release date and updates
A month after the initial Overwatch release date seemed to be overwhelming. Blizzard Entertainment announced to pull out Competitive Mode, added new system.

After a month of teasers and rumors, Blizzard finally revealed it’s first post-launch free character for Overwatch. Introducing Ana, a support hero who uses her sniper rifle to heal her allies and mother of Pharah.

Blizzard is committed to keeping its widely popular Overwatch fresh by periodically adding new, free playable characters and maps. Today, the company introduced its latest addition to the game.

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Blizzard, which has been teasing their first post-launch free DLC character ever since the game launched, describes Ana as some sort of “battle-hardened veteran” who supports her allies from a distance using a unique and highly specialized collection of weapons.

According to The Verge, Ana is a long-range support sniper hero who can provide her team with the tools they need to win, including healing, all from a safe distance. Ana has several support abilities: a Biotic Rifle that fires long-range darts that heal her allies and deal damages to her foes.

Ana also equipped with a Biotic Grenade, which increases healing to allies and damages enemies caught in its small area. Ana’s Biotic Grenade can also boost incoming healing for allies and prevents enemies from being healed. Ana is also armed with a Sleep dart, which can knock enemies unconscious for a brief period of time.

Ana’s ultimate weapon, Nano Boost, sees her fire a dart at allies and speed up their movement, provide them extra attack damage and improved their resistance to incoming attacks.

Gamers who’ve been following Overwatch stories likely already know that Ana is the mother of another playable hero, the rocket-wielder Pharah. In addition to Pharah, Ana also has close ties to other Overwatch veterans, including Gabriel “Reaper” Reyes and Jack “Soldier: 76” Morrison, which Blizzard teased last week.

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The biggest question right now is whether or not Ana is the Sombra that many were expecting. But reports said that there’s a great chance that Ana’s original Overwatch call-sign was Sombra and she is now going by her birth name.

Further investigation revealed that the name Sombra and the teased visuals for the in-development sniper support do not cross over. It’s likely that Sombra could be an entirely separate character. For now, the Sombra character remained a mystery.

Blizzard said that it will release its newest hero Ana and other additional characters for Overwatch for free.

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