Overwatch DLC news: Sombra, Liao update; rank competitive play revealed

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Widowmaker, one of the characters from “Overwatch.” Just like her, Sombra is also said to be a sniper. (photo courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment)

“Overwatch” has been out for more than a week now, yet gamers’ interest in the game has not let up. While the interest in the game continues, there is much speculation as well as to what new characters would be added to the roster.

There has been much discussion of possible additions to the current roster of characters for “Overwatch.” Before it came out, last May 23, there has already been a discussion of adding another character. Speculation has been that Sombra would be included before the game gets its official release. That has not happened, though it did not stop gamers’ speculation.

According to Forbes, Sombra has been talked about as a possible addition to the game prior to its launch. Sombra has been described as a support sniper. Clues about her are said to be in the game, which has led players to think that she would be a possible addition. Breath cast says that she has a powerful weapon in the sniper rifle.

Another speculated character is Liao. At the official “Overwatch” site Liao is said to be one of the founding members of the original Overwatch team. Though he has been mentioned, the character has not yet been added in the game. The two characters have a good chance of being added into the game soon.

Assistant game director Aaron Keller has said at PAX East 2016 that “Overwatch” will definitely have additional characters as well as new maps, Attack of the Fanboy says. When would the expansion would come out isn’t certain yet, but players will likely see additions to the game soon. Though character addition isn’t likely yet, a competitive gameplay will be coming very soon.

Game director Jeff Kaplan has revealed how competitive gameplay will work out. As Game Rant reports, the competitive game mode will not be the same as it was during closed beta. He said that ranked gameplay was frustrating because it was still unfinished.

In closed beta ranking only went up, so players couldn’t exactly see how they were progressing. Now the new system will have it, and rank may go up or come down based on how they are doing in-game. That means not all players might not make it up to Heroic rank, the highest rank in the system.

More details about the new competitive gameplay mode will be coming out as its release draws near, Kaplan has said. “Overwatch” has over 7 million players since the game launched last May. It is now out for the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Photo courtesy: Blizzard Entertainment

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