Overwatch update: Get ready for a Christmas gift

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Overwatch update
Picture Courtesy: BagoGames/Flickr

Holiday events are the trend this season. It has also brought tons of revenue from outside the border. Let us cite an example such as Pokemon GO whose popularity graph soared again after their even during Halloween. Overwatch, a game from Blizzard Entertainment is also expected to get its shot at a holiday event according to an Overwatch update. The game was released in May.

Overwatch Update

The latest Overwatch update concern the discovery of a Christmas jingle by a group of data miners who made the chance discovery. Gamespot revealed that there is a file that has a Christmas jingle amid Overwatch’s files. They speculate that this may indicate that a new holiday event might be on the cards.

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No official confirmation

Blizzard for their part has shied away from any official announcement as of yet. But fans are agog with excitement at the prospects of a Christmas event goes the Overwatch update. Fans may expect to see new decorations on maps along with new skins specially themed for Christmas. Further, there are also possibilities of player icons and sprays in the event as per Overwatch updates.

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Other Speculations

Eurogamer goes a step further and speculates that the new holiday event may bring with itself festive loot boxes presents and an appearance by Santa Claus himself on the Overwatch world. A brawl mode might also be on the cards, and so it might be a new arcade mode. Both prospects are interesting concepts to explore.

The jingle is not the only file in Overwatch that hints at a holiday event. Other sound files featuring interactions by heroes are also there. Most of them concern the new character Sombra. Reinhardt and Zarya can also be heard arm-wrestling.

Make sure to search for the Overwatch jingle file on the internet and await with bated breath the slated holiday event. It concerns none other than Santa Claus after all!


Photo Courtesy: BagoGames/Flickr

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