PlayStation Network Down: Hacked to sabotage Battlefield 1 launch day

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Playstation Network
Photo courtesy: JohnnyMrNinja/Wikimedia Commons

As of this writing, the PlayStation Network is still down for the most part of the world. This is also the same day Sony is launching Battlefield 1, one of its most anticipated games this year.

According to SC Magazine, it appears that the network has been hacked. PSN has been found to be DDoSed just like what happened to Twitter, Github, Amazon and several other known websites. Also, it is also being speculated that the hackers who attacked the above-mentioned websites were the same hackers who DDoSed PlayStation Network and it was not an isolated case.

“We are currently experiencing network connectivity issues with Activision titles for players on PlayStation Network,” Activision commented on the issue. “We are investigating this problem, and are working hard to regain normal connectivity levels. We thank you for your patience and cooperation.”

Meanwhile, Nerds Magazine posted that the recent DDoS cyber attack had a major effect on thousands of video game fans, especially those who waited for the Oct. 21st major release of Battlefield 1.

Nerds Magazine also suggested that the attack could mean huge financial loss for the newly released Battlefield 1 which hinges on strategic multiplayer action. Aside from Battlefield 1, other games such as EA, which has hundreds of thousands of players, also experienced heavy server traffic due to the cyber attack.

Could this be a result of a gaming sabotage for Battlefield 1? No further reports on that particular issue but one thing’s for sure, hackers surely know when to pull off an attack.

“We’re aware that some PSN services are currently unavailable. Our engineers are investigating the problem and we will update soon,” PlayStation UK twitted.

PlayStation Network last experienced a DDoS attack in 2014.

Photo courtesy: JohnnyMrNinja/Wikimedia Commons


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