Pokemon Go 0.31.0 APK resolves server issues? Trainers should check new startling features

Pokemon Go 0.31.0 APK hack startling features revealed
Pokemon Go 0.31.0 APK hack finally resolved server issues? Memory concerns, bugs, crashing game fixed for a smooth augmented reality game.

Android users, who want to play the popular AR game, can finally enjoy the latest Pokemon Go 0.31.0 APK as it is already made available for the platform.

Several features are added for Pokemon Go. As a trendy AR game, it requires frequent updates to achieve a smooth gameplay.

With this latest update, users can re-customize their avatars shown in the Trainer profile screen. This particular feature is one of the most widely demanded features for the AR game.

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So far, many users are highly requesting for a re-customization feature for their avatars while searching for Pokemons in their location.

Moreover, trainers can now enjoy refined Gym animations which are useful when it comes to face offs against other trainers nearby.

With the improved Gym animations for the game, the trainers can possibly battle against another trainer without hassle.

They can finally fight and succeed during face offs without getting distracted because of random bugs.

Improved memory issues and updated bug fixes are also packed in Pokemon Go 0.31.0 APK file as well.

Hence, users could anticipate a smoother game once this is successfully installed in their respective smartphones.

In addition to the features described, certain map features display are also fixed as well as an adjusted battle move damage values for certain Pokemon built-in, APK Pure cited.

The update sounds cool but this is only available for Android users obviously. Similar update developed for an iOS supported device is not yet accessible in the moment.

In our previous report, we indicate that Pokemon Go 0.31.0 APK is only available in App Store. Once they visited, they can easily get the file and download it.

Once Pokemon Go 0.31.0 APK is installed in their smartphones, a smooth game play is guaranteed.

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At least, while Niantic Inc. prepares for global release, users from other countries except the US, New Zealand, Australia and Japan, can finally join the fun. Stay tuned for more APK updates!

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