Pokemon Go APK download update, version 1.03 fixes unable to resolve Niantic Inc. server problems

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Latest Pokemon Go APK download has been updated recently. For iOS users, version 1.03 was launched. However, it failed to fix server problems.

The latest Pokemon Go APK download has been recently updated. Android users who want to access the augmented reality game can simply get the downloadable file. For iOS users, version 1.03 was made available as well. However, the server problem remained.

Since Pokemon Go release weeks ago, many smart phone users both Android and iOS have been constantly demanding on downloadable application versions. Hence, several programmers kept on creating APK files. They accommodated Android users who wished to play the game.

For the iOS users, on the other hand, Niantic Inc. launched the latest version 1.03 last week. This contained the fixes for the in-game crashes and other concerns. Unfortunately, the promise of a smooth flow of the game failed.

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Tech News Today cited that the fixes included in this version did not create that much impact on the game as a whole. Pokemon Go version 1.03 still failed to track Pokemon both nearby the proximity and those located far away in the existing location.

The server matters remained since the game kept on crashing. This usually happened on users trying to catch a Pokemon. Being unable to catch a Pokemon due to Niantic’s failure is a massive concern.

Pokemon Go’s sole purpose as an augmented reality game is to catch Pokemons around through their smartphones. Despite the fixes provided, the problem on catching per se still existed.

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On the bright side, Niantic Inc. added more Pokemons to catch in version 1.03. The same source mentioned three legendary birds to join. These included Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres. Other legendary Pokemon like Mew, and Mewtwo were also slated.

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