Pokemon Go APK installation hack 0.29.3 for Android Jellybean 4.4 to Marshmallow 6.0 available; Game set for Asia, South America, Russia

Pokemon Go APK installation update for Android Jelly Bean and Marshmallow

Pokemon Go continuously invades the world through its augmented mobile app game. Since its release in selected countries, its trend has never stopped. In fact, Niantic Inc.’s next targets will be Asia, South America and Russia. Moreover, the latest Pokemon Go APK installation is already available for download.

Set to arrive in the Asian countries soon, a leaked server information about the specific country releases spread out. It contained the exact targets for its next batch of release.

Countries like Singapore, Philippines, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Turkey are listed. The same source stated some countries in South America and Russia are included in the list.

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Another server provided information for iOS users per country as well. It is divided into “Yes” which means the app is already released in that particular country and “No” for countries which are set for launching in the moment.

To those who don’t want to wait for its official release, the expectants can now download Pokemon Go APK file for Android Jelly Bean users. In fact, the latest version 0.29.3 compatible for 4.4 to 6.0 OS is already available.

The users have to visit Android APKs Free website to see detailed information about this mobile application and check if it works in their respective mobile devices or not. However, it is assured that the app is free and only functional with Wi-Fi networks. In addition, they need to check Pokemon Go’s official website to see more compatibility information in detail.

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For Android users, the Pokemon Go APK latest version 0.29.3 is already available for download. See the app link here. They have to take note that the mobile game won’t function for devices that can’t support GPS. Plus, it requires at least 2GB RAM for successful installation.

APK Mirror also provided alternative downloadable file for Android users. This is a bit outdated version but still great for beginner players who are using Jelly Bean 4.4 and Marshmallow 6.0. It requires 58.06MB storage space.

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