Pokemon Go APK installation hack for Android Jelly Bean 4.1, 4.2, 4.3; Other APK version downloads, playing cheats available here

Pokemon Go APK installation hack for Android Jelly Bean users
Updated list of new Pokemon Go APK installation available for Android Jelly Bean 4.1, 4.2, 4.3 (except 4.4). Pokemon Go Messenger 0.29.0 & 0.29.2 included.

As an unexpected global phenomenon, the life-changing game has incredibly modified the youth’s lifestyle. With Pokemon Go APK installation hack Jelly Bean updates, more and more players will be interested to try this game with their Android smartphones.

It is obvious that many of the Pokemon users in the United States are using iPhones to play the game. To the non-iPhone users, there are several available means to acquire the application.

Recently, there is an update made specifically for Android Jellybean 4.1, 4.2, and 4.3. They can opt to download new Pokemon Go APK 0.29.2. Unfortunately, Android below 4.4 does not support this method yet.

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To acquire Pokemon Go in their Android phones, they need to install “APKeditor-59.apk” or download the “APK Editor” from Google play. After the download, they need to open the file and copy both the APK file from the users “Downloads folder” and install the “APKeditor-59” application.

Then, they have to open the installed application and follow the instructions within the program and set it to “internal only.” It is expected that Pokemon Go is successfully installed after this process. Then, start Pokemon Go and wait until the loading screen disappears. At the end of the process, they need to restart their phones and start the application again.

To officially join the fun, they need to join Pokemon Trainer Club. To sign in, they should not use Google account since the company does not support the account. One YouTuber named Laszlo Mozsik compiled all devices that support the Pokemon Go APK installation which includes Samsung, Lani, Huawei, Alcatel, Sony, Lenovo, Kazam, Vodafone, and LG units. See complete list here. 

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MobiPicker added that Pokemon Go Messenger is already out with 1.3.4 APK download. Hence, it is now possible to chat with fellow Pokemon trainers. To install, they need to go to to see complete list of applications and download Messenger. There are two versions in the moment. There are Pokemon Go Messenger 0.29.0 and 0.29.2 which the users can choose.

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