Pokemon Go APK v0.31 updates to fix memory issues of the AR game, Gym animations improved

Pokemon Go APK latest update to fix memory issues in AR game
Latest Pokemon Go APK v0.31 updates gym animations to improve face offs with other trainers. The update fixes and improves memory issues as well.

The demand for Pokemon Go APK downloads is surprisingly high. Recently, the latest update primarily released was aimed to fix memory issues of the augmented reality game.

The Pokemon Go APK v0.31 update was launched for Android users who are struggling with memory problems when playing the popular AR game. Although the latest APK file is not yet made available for App Store at the moment, avid Pokemon Go players can now access through downloading it here.

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However, those who are playing using an iOS will not be able to get this file since it is yet for approval. Once the approval process is made, it can be accessed in App Store by then.

Based from the descriptions, Pokemon Go v0.31 brings few fixes for the game particularly for the memory issues. It also improves the game through adding options to remove footprints of the nearby Pokemon.

That means any Pokemon Go trainer who accessed this update could no longer see the footprints underneath each Pokemon. However, they can still find them nearby.

If they opted to retain these marks of the Pokemon, they can hold off this particular update for their AR game version for now.

Since v0.31 is limited, it is advised to grab this APK file before deciding to install it in their respective smartphones.

Another exciting feature that this version offers is the highly requested re-customization of the avatars in their Trainer profile screen which is already possible.

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Moreover, the gym animation improvements are noticeable such as its more refined visuals. Those who are not familiar with the Gym events in a Pokemon battle, this is where the trainers face off with their chosen Pokemons for a combat, Android Headlines cited.

Hence, they need to have a smooth sail during the face offs to succeed in a Gym battle. This is where the use of Pokemon Go v0.31 comes in.

Niantic Inc. assures every trainer to have a better AR gaming experience once they update the game to v0.31. More APK updates awaits here! Stay tuned!

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