Pokemon GO Update: Biggest mystery & winning formulae unveiled

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Pokemon Go
Pokemon Go logo (photo courtesy of Nintendo/Niantic Labs, Inc./The Pokemon Company)

What’s the difference between a casual Pokemon Go player and a no-life player? The players belonging to the second category can now stake claims on gyms with 1600 Gyarados’s and 1500 Jolteons.

A casual player is confined to 300-500 CP (Combat Power) range for their top level Pokemon.

Why are most people unaware of Pokemon Go’s biggest secret?

Often a lower level player is intimidated by high-level players claiming gym, but the secret formula says they don’t need to be.

Combat Power actually means very little. it has the over-inflated stat that doesn’t have much to do with whether a gym will be able to defend an invader or not. Type is of more importance than CP.

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At this present moment, Pokemon Go is structured in a way that even lower-tier or middle-tier players can take over higher-level gyms, especially when they have to go through only 1-3 occupants.

How is that possible?

A gamer is given 6 Pokemon to fight as an attacker and if he is going to a gym of one or two enemies, he can probably knock them down easily, no matter what the gamer’s CP is, according to Paul Tassi of the

A gamer can kill 1600 Vaporeon by throwing 500-600 Hypnos at it. And he can own a gym temporarily if he repeats his acts twice.

Also in areas with very stable GPS connection, a gamer can win it the other way through constant dodging. This video describes how a gamer can dodge his way to winning.

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An enemy attack could be predicted by seeing screen flashes, and a player can easily dodge by swiping right or left. Since the enemies are using AI, they can’t dodge. So, a gamer can dance his way almost untouched by dodging correctly.

photo courtesy: Nintendo/Niantic Labs

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