Pokémon GO Cheats: Always win a gym battle with these simple steps

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Pokemon GO (Photo Courtesy: Nintendo/Niantic Labs, Inc./The Pokemon Company)

Pokémon GO cheats and tricks have popped up left and right as the augmented reality game takes over the world. Many gamers are dedicating a lot of hours to training and increasing their level to be able to challenge a gym leader.

Some are coming up short as they have difficulty in defeating players that have stronger Pokémon than their own. However, there might be Pokémon GO cheats that allow you to win a gym battle every time and you just need to follow some simple steps.

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According to Ben Gilbert of Business Insider, there is an easy way to win a gym battle and you just need the proper technique. He noted that having a stronger Pokémon is an advantage but it is not necessarily needed. Now, just follow these steps to win a gym battle every time.

Step 1: Find a gym that is owned by an opposing team and make sure that all of your Pokémon is fully healed. If not, use Revive or any other health potions.

Step 2: Choose your Pokémon for battle and get ready.

Step 3: Your opponent will likely attack immediately so get ready and look for a yellow flash.

Step 4: After spotting the yellow flash, dodge the attack as fast as you can.

Step 5: Once you successfully dodge the attack, quickly attack your opponent by tapping your Pokémon and not theirs.

Step 6: Finally, just repeat the steps three to five. Remember to spot the flash, dodge and then attack.

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According to FanSided, always be ready to dodge attacks and you can attack your opponent twice in between flashes. However, it should be noted that you need to have no network issues or any lag because these Pokémon GO cheats will be useless.

Photo Courtesy: Nintendo/Niantic Labs, Inc./The Pokémon Company

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