Pokemon Go cheats, modifying APK, GPS spoofing technique helpful for trainers’ safety

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Pokemon Go cheats GPS spoofing APK modify
Pokemon Go cheats are more useful to Trainers for safety purposes. In order to carry this out, they need to install modified APK file and GPS Spoofing app.

Since Niantic imposed a ban for third-party trackers, avid players have been complaining that catching a Pokemon took more time than before. The answer to this problem is to implement the latest Pokemon Go cheats.

The company has already blocked unofficial trackers like PokeVision, PokeHound, Pokemon Go Live Map, PokeMesh and other third-party trackers. Niantic didn’t give authorization for these apps for the AR game.

Consequently, the users have to go for a walk farther than before to see a Pokemon and hope to catch them. However, as much as safety is concerned, this is a bad idea. Thus, users prefer to learn some Pokemon Go cheats to assure their safety outside their homes.

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It might sound off, but in order to do these cheats, the user should start from scratch. That means they have to sign a new account and temporarily deactivating Google Location History.

This will prevent Niantic from identifying that the user uses a GPS location faking app called GPS Spoofing. The app is a modified Pokemon Go APK, which allows the players to fake their location and catch a Pokemon in a shorter period of time.

In order to gain access to the GPS Spoofing, all they need to do is to install the APK file. This app will only work if it’s properly installed. Those who are using iOS, they need to install “Location Faker” app.

According to Forbes, it will give Niantic a fake information of the users’ location. Hence, it would be easy to catch Pokemon using their fake GPS. To make it work, the device should be jailbroken before the installation.

Aside from the GPS Spoofing technique, the users could also try HackRF. This is a radio-frequency-shielded box that comes with custom software. However, using this cheat requires a background knowledge on programming.

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Through this device, it will open the chances for the players to catch more Pokemon without leaving their homes. The BitBag noted about its price as it costs really high.

Those who don’t have knowledge with programming, they can’t use this radio signal box properly. However, if the users wanted to use to pursue Pokemon Go cheats, they need to have someone to do it for them.

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