Pokemon GO dangerous; Players shot at in Florida, mistaken for burglars

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Pokemon GO (Photo Courtesy: Nintendo/Niantic Labs, Inc./The Pokemon Company)

Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm but two teenagers searching for Pokemons could have been seriously injured in Florida after a homeowner shot at them when the latter mistook them as being burglars.

An investigation is underway about the shooting, confirmed by the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office Facebook release on Sunday. Both teenagers were not hurt the report and the homeowner, a man, admitted that he shot at their car “after they refused to stop when challenged.”

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“After arriving at the incident location, deputies interviewed the homeowner and learned that he was awakened by a loud noise coming from outside of his home. He got up from bed and looked outside and noticed a small white car with its brake lights on in the roadway in front of his home,” the police report stated about the Pokemon Go related incident.

“He armed himself with a handgun and went outside to investigate and as he approached the vehicle, he heard someone say something like “did you get anything.” He told deputies that he then stepped in front of the vehicle and ordered the vehicle not to move. The homeowner stated the vehicle accelerated toward him causing him to flee the roadway. Because he believed the vehicle was attempting to strike him, he discharged his handgun several times at the vehicle. The vehicle sped away and was not located after a search of the area was conducted.”

The report added that the police received a call from the parent of one of the teenagers the next day which confirmed the story of the teenagers were just playing Pokemon Go when they were shot at by the homeowner.

In the same press release, the police had advised “Pokemon Go Hunters” in their area to “use common sense, be alert at all times and stay aware of your surroundings. In law enforcement, we call this situational awareness” and “Do not drive or ride your bike, skateboard, or other device while interacting with the Pokémon Go app. You cannot do both safely at the same time.”

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Pokemon Go remains one of the hottest mobile games not only in the United States but the entire world. But users are advised to be more careful especially as they are exploring areas where danger, and not Pokemons, could be found.

Photo Courtesy: Nintendo/Niantic Labs, Inc./The Pokemon Company

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