Pokemon Go news and update: E3 will bring new details; possible new evolution mechanics to come out?

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Pokemon Go
Pokemon Go logo (photo courtesy of Nintendo/Niantic Labs, Inc./The Pokemon Company)

Pokemon fans have a lot to rejoice about this year. It is the franchise’s 20th anniversary for one. There is also “Pokemon Sun and Moon.” And then there is “Pokemon Go.” The game has Pokemon fans excited as it would be the first Pokemon game on smartphones and mobile devices. Already field testing has begun in Japan and other places as well.

Pokemon fans will be closely monitoring events on E3 which will be happening next week. Many are expecting more details to come out regarding “Pokemon Go” at the event, as GSM Arena says. Details such as pricing and game mechanics would be of interest to many Pokemon fans.

Of special interest would be how Pokemon would evolve in “Pokemon Go.” In earlier Pokemon games as well as the anime, Pokemon evolved in a variety of ways. Most Pokemon evolved by being used regularly in Pokemon battles. Some evolve by using certain evolution stones on them. However, according to News Everyday, a new way of evolving Pokemon might be underway.

In its report News Everyday says that there would be evolution candies that would be used for Pokemon. This would replace the evolution shards that have been used in past Pokemon games. Just like the shards of it, the evolution candies will have specific properties that could only be used for the right type of Pokemon.

A Pokemon then which would be an electric type might then have to use an electric-type candy, for instance. The candies can be obtained from either wild or hatched Pokemon. There would also be Pokemon that can be obtained at only specific times and places, reports Neurogadget. There have been Pokemon that is only specific to a place or time, such as ghost-type Pokemon.

Pokemon Go” brings a new way of playing Pokemon games. Unlike before when obtaining Pokemon was either ingame or by trade using a cable, now catching Pokemon would be done out in the open. There would be certain locations where people can catch Pokemon. Field testing of the game has already begun in Japan, the United States and New Zealand.

More details will come out at E3 2016 next week. Nintendo will be on hand to give the details as well as answer questions about the game. The Nintendo event will be lived through Nintendo Direct on June 14 at 9 p.m. Pacific. Aside from “Pokemon Go” there will also be information about “Pokemon Sun and Moon” at the event.

“Pokemon Go” is scheduled for release sometime in Q4 this year. No specific date has been given yet.

Photo courtesy: Nintendo/Niantic Labs, Inc./The Pokemon Company

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