Pokémon Go eggs tricks: Eggs hatching, hack gyms using eggs

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Pokémon Go is a game that was developed by Niantic for Android and iOS devices. This article is about Pokémon Go eggs tricks that might help the users in the game.

The first one is about the Pokémon Go eggs hatching trick.

For beginners, they should prioritize hatching 2km Pokémon eggs first.

According to, the trainers should do this if their Pokémon eggs’ capacity are full. This move can allow the user to still hatch Pokémon Eggs from PokeStops.

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Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle are the best Pokémon creatures to hatch from 2km Pokémon Eggs.

The other Pokémon Go eggs trick is about the trainer being unbeatable in gyms. Instead of the normal Pokémon that is used in gyms, this hack allows players to use Pokémon eggs there.

Based on a report online, hackers have placed a bug in Pokémon Go that allows players to put eggs at gyms. This came after Niantic announced that they are banning players who use hacks or cheats.

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These gyms are called “unbeatable gyms”. The leaders in the gyms are Pokémon eggs. These eggs cannot be taken away from the player’s gym since it is invulnerable.

Therefore, it makes life easy for the trainers to collect PokeCoins without ever losing a gym. The user who occupied the gym will also benefit his teammates in the process. His teammates will earn coins by putting their own eggs there.

The gamers could only hope that this bug will not be noticed immediately by the Pokémon Go developer. Users should take advantage of the opportunity now before it is too late.

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