Pokemon Go Hacks: Hatching Pokemon Eggs Without Taking A Step

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Pokemon Go Hacks: Hatching Pokemon Eggs Without Taking A Step

With the release of Pokemon Go, enthusiasts all around the world get a take of what it is like to be Ash and his friends. Yes, you get loads of fun. But being a Pokemon trainer is never easy. No, not at all.

The online augmented reality game has completely changed Pokemon gaming and brought it to a totally different experience. Before, fans merely turned on their consoles and push some buttons to become the very best. Now, players have to go out their for long walks to either hunt for Pokemon or hatch those Pokemon eggs.

Still, some players think that the game’s demands are a bit too rigorous. Being the clever Pokemon trainers that they are, they have devised their own creative ways to hatch Pokemon eggs without ever taking a single step.

Here are a few examples of those genius Pokemon Go hacks.

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Put your phone on top of an iRobot Roomba as it cleans your house.

Nick Burch first thought of it as a joke, but to his astonishment, it worked wonderfully. If you have a Roomba somewhere in your household, then congratulations. You can definitely try this trick to hatch the Pokemon eggs that you have in the game with such ease.

Let your pet do the walking.

A tweet from Pokemon Go News went viral, captioned “When you’re too lazy to hatch your own eggs in “. It showed someone’s phone attached to the back of a pet dog. As the dog walks around the house, your Pokemon eggs will hatch eventually. If you want to participate and speed it up a little, you can always play fetch with your buddy.

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Turn your ceiling fan into a Pokemon egg hatching device.

Some gamers have also noticed that the rotation of the fan tricks the game into thinking that you are actually walking in circles. It may sound funny but this tactic works just fine. Be sure though that the attachment is totally secure. You don’t want to end up with a broken device just like what happened to this poor guy.

That pretty much sums up the pretty simple but clever ways used by Pokemon Go players to save themselves from the walking demands of the game. Why tire yourself if you can still be the very best while chilling on your couch?

Photo courtesy: Yaltro/Flickr

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