Pokemon GO hits a serious problem, may leave players frustrated in the process

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Pokemon GO hits another serious problem as players report a new bug that makes it almost impossible for them to track and capture desired Pokemon.

Pokemon GO’s server problems have been well-documented as the massively popular mobile game struggles in its international roll-out. Obviously, the top priority for the game developer Niantic labs is getting in new regions like Europe, and Asia Pacific regions, and having the Pokemon stay online for the rest of the world. But somehow in its journey to the global stardom, one of the core components of the game has been completely broken: tracking and capturing Pokemon.

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According to GameRant, the latest issue is causing a problem for the players where it keeps all nearby Pokemon locked at a distance of three footprints, making tracking down Pokemon even more difficult. And no matter how much the player moves in any direction, those Pokemon lock don’t change.

In playing Pokemon GO, zero footprints is a good indicator, which mean that player should be able see it and catch it. However, things are started to get trickier when player get to three footprints. This means that a Pokemon is anywhere from a block to a kilometre away. Fortunately, the bug is not a consistent problem and goes away without any rhyme or reason. The bug also doesn’t lock the player out of catching Pokémon and some will still appear on the map.

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While Pokemon can still appear in the map and players can still find them, it makes hunting down specific Pokemon very hard. Sources said that it’s like trying to find a needle in haystack where players have no idea who far they are in reality. Right now, it’s still unclear what causes this bug, which already a widespread issue.

There still no fix for the bug, developer Niantic Labs has yet to address the issue. This means that players will simply have to endure the problem until further notice from Niantic Labs.

Picture Courtesy: Eduardo Woo/Flickr Creative Commons

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