Pokemon Go iOSEmus version available for AR game download; Users should get app before Niantic bans third-party tracker

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Pokemon Go iOSEmus version available for download
Pokemon Go iOSEmus version enables players to track and locate Pokemons faster within proximity of their location using their iOS smartphones.

Pokemon Go iOSEmus version remained available for download albeit Niantic’s halt for any unofficial third party applications. Earlier versions of Pokemon trackers were already eliminated for download. Hence, users have to make use of this app while it remains existent.

Most of the time, avid Pokemon Go players wanted to detect Pokemons nearby as fast as they can without spending so much time looking for them. With the recent Niantic updates for this augmented reality game, it affected the users’ time span to locate these Pokemons.

In order to save more time, they prefer installing third party trackers like the new Skiplagged app for Android devices. For those who used smartphones with iOS operating system, they can install Pokemon Go iOSEmus version in their smartphone and start enjoying the game.

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According to Slash Gear, when deciding to install the said app, they need to keep in mind the risk of getting barred from playing Pokemon Go if they’re discovered using it. But based from the reviews, the app worked better than other earlier tracking versions.

The users could walk around without the need to spoof their own GPS signal like Skiplagged in order to catch Pokemons within the proximity of their location.

To access the app, they need to install it in their smartphones with iOS operating system. Obviously, iOSEmus will only function for this version. However, before they could officially get in to the game, they need to have another account for installation.

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The official site of the iOSEmus app noted that users have to get another account before using the modified Pokemon Go app. Their personal accounts should not be used or else they’ll get banned from the game.

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