Pokemon Go update: July release of Pokemon Go confirmed at E3 2016

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Pokemon Go
Pokemon Go logo (photo courtesy of Nintendo/Niantic Labs, Inc./The Pokemon Company)

Fans are excited as the celebration of 20 years of Pokemon continues. Even more so as there is news about “Pokemon Go” from E3 2016. The release of the game has just been announced during Nintendo’s Treehouse Live event.

According to IGN, “Pokemon Go” would be released on or before July as Nintendo has announced during the Treehouse Live event at E3 2016. Well-known video game designer and producer as well as Nintendo Creative Fellow Shigeru Miyamoto was on hand for the announcement and to demonstrate the Pokemon Go Plus.

The Pokemon Go Plus is an optional wearable device that players can wear. The device can be used to find Pokemon without having to always have their smart phones out. It has a Bluetooth link that helps in finding Pokemon. The device would also be available by July for around $35. During the presentation it was then also announced that the “Pokemon Go” app would be ready before the Pokemon Go Plus device.

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To catch Pokemon players can either use their smart phones or else use Pokemon Go Plus. To catch Pokemon using a smart phone, Polygon details that players can use a programmed background which would be like that of any Pokemon game. Players can also opt to use the smart phone camera to make Pokemon appear on the street. This would then make for a more “realistic” visual experience.

For those who have Pokemon Go Plus the device will vibrate and flash green to alert of any Pokemon nearby. Players can then throw a Pokeball using the device. The device will display rainbow colors if a Pokemon is caught. It will however have a red light for an unsuccessful catch.

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There has also been the question of trading Pokemon. Nintendo has said that it is developing the feature. However players cannot use it yet as it will be available sometime after launch. At some point in time as well “Pokemon Go” would be compatible with another new Pokemon game coming, “Pokemon Sun and Moon.”

The “Pokemon Go” app will be free for all when it is launched this July. It will be for both iOS and Android smart phones and devices. There is still no announcement as to when exactly in July will “Pokemon Go” be released.

Photo courtesy: Nintendo/Niantic Labs, Inc./The Pokemon Company

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