Pokemon Go leads to hot sex, scuffle ensues but couple carries on

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Pokemon Go iOSEmus version available for download
Pokemon Go iOSEmus version enables players to track and locate Pokemons faster within proximity of their location using their iOS smartphones.

The location-based augmented reality game Pokemon Go has gone a long way from when it was first launched on July with now having more than 130 million downloads worldwide. To say that its hunters have gone places is an understatement, having even caught a couple having hot sex in a field.

There have been reports of Pokemon Go players trespassing properties, witnessing a dead body in the river, and some robbed and assaulted.

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It’s a fun application that encourages kids to go out (for a change) instead of just being stuck with their tablets and computers at home, but there’s a valid reason why it’s getting mixed reviews.

According to a report by the Sun, three siblings caught a couple having hot sex in middle of a field while they were out hunting for Pokemons. If that’s unusual news, consider that they carried on in spite of being caught in public.

The crowd grew gradually as it is a Pokemon Go spawning nest, and they didn’t seem to care at all until police broke up the crowd (and the couple’s hot sex of course), but not after a scuffle had ensued.

“I couldn’t believe it was real life – I only went out to catch a Charmander – so it was a pretty weird night in the end.” Lauren, one of the siblings who saw them first said.

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Her brother Lewis said, “My sister said it was the funniest thing ever but I could not believe that it was happening. We often go out at that time around there for a Pokemon hunt but I’ve never seen anything like that (hot sex) before.”

One onlooker said “A man in his mid-40s suffered facial injuries at the scene that are not believed to be life-changing or life-threatening.”

In other Pokemon Go news, Niantic has reportedly overturned a ban imposed on some accounts, as some users may have downloaded 3rd party apps not realizing some add-on maps do more than just show users a nearby Pokemon.

According to a report by IBT “Some of these third-party software like the now-defunct Necrobot makes it possible to trick the app into believing that actual travel had taken place.”

Niantic is giving some users the benefit of the doubt, but has warned of banning them if they download such apps again in the future.

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