Pokemon Go mobile app a new tool for criminals that makes players vulnerable

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Pokemon Go UK release date delayed
Pokemon Go UK release date delayed due to server issues during initial release in the US, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. Niantic Inc. currently fixing.

Pokemon Go designers may have had a positive intention of getting its players to go outside and play. Pokemon Go makes players meet new friends in the neighborhood and get some sunlight and incidental exercise in the process.

Whether you go and take a short walk to capture a monster with your phone at the park, or travel 5 kilometers or more to incubate an egg, it’s all supposed to be fun with the new Pokemon Go application, which you can download for free with your phone.

But Pokemon Go is accountable for the weird things going around lately too. Players are found trespassing properties, a girl found a dead person floating on a river, and four people were charged after luring a player to an area where they activated a beacon and robbed him.

Pokemon Go initially gets people in touch with others when they go out and create new friendships, but the game now reveals its dangers. And people seem more out of touch from reality so much that a person was actually fired from work because of it.

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If you’re a parent, you may have to check on your kids more often nowadays. What if they end up wandering places at night, sneaking out to battle with another player, or for a rendezvous at a virtual gym?

It appears that the new mobile phone application makes its players easy targets to criminals, who may actively use the app to tempt kids their way. Imagine the possibilities.

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We already have a case of armed robbery. How long will it take ‘til we hear reports of more serious crimes like kidnapping and kids falling prey to sexual predators?

The more kids play the game, the more they go out and become exposed to bad elements. It looks like the game will be here for a long time, too, due to its tremendous spike in interest.

The addiction to the Pokemon Go game is increasing as more people are learning to appreciate its concept, and Nintendo’s stock has gone up significantly by nearly 25% on Monday, as reported by CNN.

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