Pokémon Go adding new features soon, Trading, Player vs. Player Battles to save the game

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There is growing concern among Pokémon Go fans that Niantic Labs, the makers of the augmented reality (AR) game, is killing the popular app because of the lack of innovation within the game.

Fans have accused the Pokémon Go creators that they have been slow in introducing new features to the game that it has turned off the users from playing or even actually opening the app in recent weeks.

Promised add-ons and features in trailers seen before the release of the game and after Pokémon Go shot up in popularity is still nowhere to be found and fans are livid with the lack of development on their once-favorite game.

How to save Pokémon Go, according to the fans?

Dave Smith of the Business Insider collated some ideas, most of which from actual players of Pokémon Go, on how to get back people from earning Pokémon candies and walking with their Pokémon buddies.

1. Actual Real Time Tracking

Currently, there is the “nearby” tracking feature for users where they can see the possible Pokémon spawns in proximate locations. This was fun at the start because players walked (and earned kilometers for candies) to get their target Pokémon.

However, this almost immediately bored the fans because the spawns and sightings were too random and unreliable. By the time they get to probable Pokémon spawn spots, the Pokémon is gone and those Pokeballs have no use.

2. Pokémon trading and items swap

This was a rumor months after the release and it got fans excited since trading opens up more chances of completing the Pokedex at a faster rate than usual. Nobody wants 755 Rattatas and Pidgeys. Or if they have an extra rare Pokémon they can trade it for another to help them complete their collection.

3. Player vs. Player Battles

Currently, players can only battle other trainers via Pokémon Gyms. A real player vs. player battle is what the fans want, where users can fight with their Pokémon—anytime, anywhere.

4. Legendary Pokémon Spawns

Anyone seen Mewtwo on Pokémon Go yet?

“Well, the answer to this question currently is a little disheartening: currently, you can’t actually catch Mewtwo, Mew, Articuno, Zapdos or Moltres officially in the game,” A report claimed back in August. Two months later there is still no update on Mewtwo and other legends in the Pokémon world crossing over to Pokémon Go.

Also back in August, Pokémon Go creators promised some changes to improve the game. However, fans are disappointed that those changes have not arrived yet and it’s killing the game.

Photo courtesy: Twitter/@pokemongoapp

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