Pokemon Go News: Player catches all available Pokemon in UK

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Pokemon Go News: Player has caught all available Pokemon in UK

A Pokemon Go player in the UK has become its very best, collecting all available Pokemon in the said area.

Sam Clark posted a video online to announce that he has already captured all 143 Pokemon available in the UK. With this feat, Clark is the first UK player to do so. Surprisingly, his video got mixed comments and reviews. Some players and commenters were even skeptical about Clark’s achievement.

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Still, this did not stop Clark’s rise to fame as BBC immediately reached out to him for an exclusive. In that interview, the 33-year-old talked about his experiences on as he was trying to catch all Pokemon. He noted that since the online augmented reality game was released, he spent countless hours on the app.

Clark also explained that he did not actually catch every Pokemon. Specifically, Tauros is exclusive to the US and not available in the UK. He was able to get one by hatching a egg.

A true hardcore gamer since he was a kid, Clark said that he has been waiting for this kind of game for 20 years already. He even set up a gaming group together with other enthusiasts to meet up and just talk about Pokemon Go.

In addition to his Pokemon Go achievement, Clark also noted that he has lost a lot of weight due to the demands of the game. He lost around 12 kilos in weight, walking around the entire town to find and capture Pokemon.

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Now that Clark has captured all available Pokemon in the UK, more and more people are now asking what is next for the mobile game. Well, it does not seem to be a dead end for people like Clark. Pokemon Go game developer Niantic has already started making plans for huge updates that will make the Pokemon Go universe a lot more interesting.

Photo courtesy: Darren Mark Domirez/Flickr

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