Pokemon Go next update will let users trade Pokemons; Worldwide release part of short-term plan, says Niantic Lab’s CEO

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Pokemon GO (Photo Courtesy: Nintendo/Niantic Labs, Inc./The Pokemon Company)

Pokemon Go is expected to undergo a major update that will let users trade their hard-collected Pokemon with friends and strangers.

“So, in the area of things that we are interested in continuing to, well, there’s a wide variety of things that we want to do in the game, things on our roadmap, but in the near term, trading is something that’s not in the game right now that we’re committed to adding to the game.” Hanke Said.

It only takes a few days before Pokemon Go became the most popular Android and iOS game. With the virality of the game, Niantic Lab’s CEO John Hanke revealed that Pokemon Go is bound to release certain updates that include trading Pokemon among users.

“It’s kind of a core element,” Hanke said via Business Insider.

Niantic Lab’s CEO John Hanke revealed that the purpose of the update is to encourage gamers to interact with each other in both the virtual and the real world. Also, it will help the users complete the Pokemon as fast as they could.

It would be an advantage for groups who played in different places to trade Pokemon since there are some Pokemon that can only be found in such place. When the trading update is finally released, expect the gamers to create their own groups or clans where they can trade Pokemon with each other.

According to GameInformer, the reason why most Poke Stops are churches is because it was a product of the submission process during Ingress. However, if a certain offices complaint and notify the Niantic to remove them from the portal list, the company is very willing to honor the request.

“Well, from time to time we get a request from a business or an institution to not be a portal or a PokéStop. We gotten a few of those during the beta. We honor that if that request is made.” Hanke said.

Pokemon Go is still unavailable in any place worldwide leading for exciting gamers to rely on leaked apps released on the web. However, Hanke revealed that it is already part of their short-term plan to keep the servers up and to launch in the rest of the country that we’re not in yet.

Photo Courtesy: Nintendo/Niantic Labs, Inc./The Pokemon Company

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