Pokemon Go player in Australia drives car into a school fence

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Pokemon Go player in Australia drives car into a school fence

We have read a lot about Pokemon Go players getting involved in all kinds of accidents. This one is no different.

According to a report from ABC, a young man in Melbourne is being charged with careless driving. Upon investigation, police found out that the 19-year-old was trying to find a Pokemon through the mobile app while driving.

He lost control of the car. As a result, his car went through the fence and into a portable building. It was fortunate that the incident happened outside of school hours so nobody was around. And luckily, the driver was not harmed in any way.

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Days earlier, authorities in Australia have already issued a stern warning to prohibit motorists from using the app while on the road. They even put up huge roadside signs to remind the drivers to focus on the road to prevent any vehicular accidents.

Drivers in Victoria who will get caught playing any mobile game while driving will be penalized with four demerit points and a $466 fine.

Police and authorities from other countries have expressed that Pokemon Go actually raises safety concerns. Apparently, there is an increase in all sorts accidents around the globe since the release of the mobile game.

In one absurd circumstance, a player in Japan was too absorbed in the game and did not notice a bear nearing him. He was lucky enough to get out of that situation alive.

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Authorities can’t blame Niantic for creating this sensational augmented reality game that everybody loves. However, players should be aware that unpleasant things can actually happen if they do not use the app responsibly.

Photo courtesy: Pokemon Go/Flickr

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