Pokemon Go Plus is worth the wait

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Nintendo has made a big hit with Pokemon Go, a mobile phenomenon that is taking the smartphone market by storm. The said company announced last year that they will release a companion accessory for the main Pokemon Go mobile application, promising to make it easy to find, spot and capture Pokemon.

And the new Pokemon Go Plus is finally here, giving Pokemon Go players a way to collect items and access Pokestops without ever taking their phones out of their pockets.

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The new wearable accessory is a wrist-sized device that straps onto the lower arm like a watch. Alternatively it is possible to detach it from the strap and carry it around as a simple push device.

The Pokemon Go peripheral device is designed and manufactured by Nintendo to look like a Poke ball, a type of item that is critical to a trainer’s quest and used for catching and storing Pokemon. It connects to iOS or Android versions of Pokemon Go via Bluetooth. The whole device vibrates and lights up when Pokemon or Pokestops are nearby.

According to Engadget’s review of the said product, the Pokemon Go accessory is a great grinding machine for avid gamers. Once paired with a smartphone via Bluetooth, it allows players to encounter and catch Pokemon previously caught with the click of a button and it conveniently collects Pokeballs, Pokemon eggs, berries and other items from Pokestops without having to glance at the phone.

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It is a convenient tool for players interested in collecting Pokemon and items and to casually play the game while doing the everyday business in the real world. Instead of remaining glued to a smartphone, the Pokemon Go Plus will vibrate whenever Pokemon and Pokestops are near.

However, the accessory definitely has some limitations. Players cannot catch a Pokemon they don’t already own and cannot physically see the Pokemon they are catching. Other drawbacks are players cannot use advanced Pokeballs, battle gym leaders and check which Pokemon are nearby.

A recent review shows that there are some issues about the connectivity with Android users. Although an update is already rolling out to both iOS and Android users, it does make users heed caution for more possible connection errors.

So unless you are a seriously dedicated Pokemon Go player, it is definitely worth the wait. Otherwise, let’s just wait for the Pokemon Sun and Moon role-playing game that will soon be available on the Nintendo 3DS.

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