Pokemon GO: Rare Pokemon causes a stampede in middle of city [VIDEO]

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Rare pokemon causes a stampede
Rare pokemon causes a stampede

It goes without saying that Pokemon GO has already captured the collective attention of almost the entire world from the US, Japan, Mexico to even unexpected places like the Philippines and Thailand. Another country which has also been part of the Pokemon GO bandwagon is Taiwan, whose citizens’ discovery of a rare Pokemon causes a stampede in the middle of the city.

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In an unverified video first shared through Facebook, a huge crowd in the middle of the street of Taipei is seen rushing towards a Snorlax location, to hopefully get a chance to catch the rare and elusive Pokemon. The district in the video has become a hotspot for numerous Pokemon GO players, thanks to rumors that the area is ripe with rare Pokemon.

A copy of the video can be seen below.

Similar incidents have also happened in other parts of the globe.

In Sydney’s suburb of Rhodes, hundreds of Pokemon trainers flocked to the street in search of another rare Pokemon-Porygon. After rumors that the hard-to-find Pokemon was around the area, crazed gamers swarmed to the suburb, causing traffic and headaches for motorists. The chaos was also captured on camera.

Meanwhile, another rare Pokemon, Vaporeon, was spotted in Central Park in New York, which caused numerous pedestrians (and even motorists) to scramble and hunt for the water-type creature. In the video below, the rare Pokemon cause so much excitement that some Pokemon trainers just left their cars in the middle of the road, with no concern for security. Which basically shows that a rare Pokemon is more valuable than a car.

Central Park has already seen this type of phenomenon more than once already. Another rare Pokemon causes a stampede similar to the one in Taiwan, as witnessed by a Pokemon hunter, who shared his experience in Tech Insider.

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With all the ruckus being created by Pokemon GO, other people (meaning non-Pokemon GO-ers) are beginning to shout Pokemon NO.

Photo Courtesy: RoflLolLmao Vanguard/ Flickr

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