Pokemon Go release, mechanics, tips, hacks unveiled; Precise timing, aiming, catching Pokemons required

Pokemon Go release mechanics tips and hacks unveiled
Pokemon Go release unveils new mechanics, tips and hacks to improve user’s mobile gaming experience. Learn how to use these tips wisely and effectively.

During the Pokemon Go release last week, the number of its users dramatically went high. Even the game’s developers didn’t expect the mobile app to be phenomenal like now. To fully enjoy it, several mechanics, tips and hacks were unveiled.

Pokemon fever started way back 1996 when it was first released as a game for Game Boy. After its initial success, it went to Nintendos. The same effect among players such as feeling of excitement and thrill on searching Pokemons were noticed.

On its downfall in the middle 2000s, Niantic Inc. could have thought about invading the smartphones through creating the same game compatible for mobile both Android and iPhones, Vox reported. This concept was made true when the company released Pokemon Go last week.

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As expected, the users around the globe particularly in the US, Japan, New Zealand, and Australia enjoyed the game. Lately, the British audience came to join the fun.

To enjoy it fully, the users must be able to learn the mechanics as well as the tips and hacks from the experts to improve your Pokemon Go gaming. TechCrunch detailed the steps such as learning to read the feet, so on.

First tip is to click the nearby box which has the Pokemon on it. This is what they call “Nearby” drawer. Click this pink box to see the numerical distances or footprints to know the distance of the Pokemon from the user’s actual distance.

Second tip is to figure out the closes Pokemon from you through tracking it. The user will know there’s a nearby Pokemon because of the directions and the silhouette. These Pokemons are the ones they didn’t encounter yet. Hence, they need to keep following the steps through the arrows below the Pokemon until located.

Third, they need to know how to learn the value of timing. They need to catch the Pokemon through holding their thumb down and fling the device to the Pokemon’s head. This alone needed a lot of timing and aim at the same time. Circle color matters as well. They need to adjust the angle where the green circle comes out before they can start aiming and catch the Pokemon.

Fourth tip is they need to value of the relevant items in the surrounding and not just roaming around to catch a Pokemon. They need to pick lots of Razz Berries (only available in Level 8) and catch a lot of Zubat.

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The next tip is they need to remember is to take Poke stops efficiently and effectively. They also have to play Pokemon Go in different times and in different places.

Lastly, they need to use the lucky eggs smartly. They are highly needed to double all the XP for 30 minutes. Usually, they are found in every Poke Stops. If not, they can opt to buy them for real money. This is how Pokemon Go developers earn money.

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