Pokemon GO Release Problems: Niantic unable to fix app authentication, Trainer Club progress, GPS, game crashes, battery drain issues

Pokemon GO app release date problems bugs issues
Pokemon Go release problems unfixed. Issues concerning authentication to Trainer Club using registered credentials, GPS, game crashes & battery life.

Pokemon GO release problems remained unfixed as Niantic Inc. seems to remain silent amid players’ complaints. When the app was released, several issues immediately occurred which makes expectants feel bad.

Niantic Inc. developed and released the all-new Pokemon GO app on Wednesday. Many Pokemon lovers were excited to try their long-awaited game for the first time.

This enthusiasm immediately went down when the app encountered a lot of problems on the first few days of release. These problems included the authentication process, Trainers Club progress, GPS and game crashes. What’s worse, fans found out that the app drained their smartphone batteries instantly.

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According to the compiled list of known errors, iDigitalTimes included the frequent authentication error to number of Pokemon GO users. The source cited that most of the players encountered issues on logging in to the game using their registered Pokemon Trainer Club login credentials.

The official Pokemon GO troubleshooting site explained that servers in the US were down due to overload. Hence, users needed to wait until these servers are up and ready. They advised players to sign up via Google account as the alternative.

Another problem is the availability of the app. It was found out that not everyone around the globe can actually download and enjoy the Pokemon GO fever. The app is only available in Japan, New Zealand, Australia and the US.

Though the residents within these regions can download the app, they encountered issues on the app downloades because of compatibility concerns. There are some Android smartphones (including iPhones and iPads) and firmware aren’t not compatible with the required app system.

Some were able to download, but cannot install the app. This is a weird case. It often said “App not installed” and appeared the APK file is corrupted and not downloaded properly.

Pokemon GO app’s audio was observed distorted. The music and some sound effects were either distorted or delayed. Frequent errors on “You already own this item” was also included in the list. Developers said the players should simply switch off their devices and turn on again to resolve it.

GPS issue is also one of the major problems occurred in the app. If this remained unresolved, users certainly won’t enjoy the game. Pokemon GO app needs the users’ GPS for an accurate location and it varies from users to users.

Lastly, users mostly complained about the battery drain. Though the app itself promised it won’t affect the battery life of most of the smartphones but the features do. GPS, for example, utilizes the battery heavily.

Chris Burns from SlashGear shared when users play Pokemon GO, they are actually using intensive GPS including Google Maps which shortens the battery life.

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“While Pokemon GO battery drain was absolutely a problem when I kept the app open at all times, it’s no worse than any other intensive GPS map-heavy app, like Google Maps,” he said.

“Using the Pokemon GO PLUS device should alleviate all concerns for people (like myself) that want to keep the app open at all times,” Burns added.

Niantic Inc. advised users to adjust the screen brightness, avoid capturing Pokemon in AR Mode, use no sound, no Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, and avoid zooming in and out of the map to lessen the usage of the battery. Through these tips, users can enjoy Pokemon GO app better.

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