Pokemon Go Skiplagged cheats, updates; PokeMap Live APK downloads for Android, iOS available here

Pokemon Go Skiplagged cheats updates Ingress App APK download alternatives
Pokemon Go Skiplagged is temporarily existent to help trainers to carry out the mission to catch more Pokemons in shortest time. Grab free downloads here.

Before Niantic Inc. shuts down unofficial trackers, users should take advantage of Pokemon Go Skiplagged while it remains in existence.

Some of the avid AR game users inform about the uncertainty of the Skiplagged length of service. The earlier released trackers like PokeVision are already terminated.

Skiplagged spokesperson tells Tech Insider the company’s mission to help Pokemon trainers to catch more Pokemons as much as possible in shortest span of time.

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The company exists with the large number of avid players who has hooked with the ultimate Poke-mission.

“We started Skiplagged with the mission of helping people experience the world and saw the tracker as an extension to that,” the spokesperson says.

When Alex Heath of Tech Insider tried the app, it crashes the game though the real time Pokemon location is detected.

Aside from the frequent shut downs, the users should take note this app will drain their battery. This is because Skiplagged heavily uses Google Maps and servers to locate the Pokemons around the location in real time.

In case if the Skiplagged shuts down soon, one Reddit user shared another alternative to spot Pokemons using another app.

According to his post, Pokemon Go [Spawn points] is linked to XM generation in Ingress. The app is already available in Android and iOS.

Hence, they can simply download it and use it for tracking. Download Ingress for Android and iOs here. The post added Ingress App’s big help to trainers.

Based from the user’s post, it gives clear view to where the trainers should be traveling to quickly find the Pokemon in their respective radars.

To properly use it, they should see the white Dots called XM. These are the areas where the frequent cellular usage in an area could be collected.

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Trainers should gather them through performing any actions to get it. This define that in these Dots, there are many Pokemons lying in the area.

In the meantime, Pokemon Go Skiplagged may be the best alternative for users. If the app dies, at least Ingram App could still help in tracing more Pokemons.

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