Pokemon GO Update: Battle, trading & more; Niantic reveal news of amazing features

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Pokemon GO is getting bigger and has now become one of the most viral mobile applications of all time. It is now the biggest in the U.S and has already topped Twitter’s daily users, and has set to overtake Facebook in terms of daily mobile engagements, according to reports from various tracking firms.

Millions of people across the United States, Australia, and New Zealand are wandering around at all hours of the day, looking for the weird places to catch Pokemon.

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No doubt, the game has brought more fun and happiness. That being said by some tech experts, but people still want more from Pokemon GO, like trading, team works and some other exciting features in the pipeline. Below are 8 new features coming soon to Pokemon GO:

Pokemon trading
Trading Pokémon with friends has always been one of the core principles of the Pokemon franchise. Giving up an extra Zubat in exchange for a Rhyhorn is what the people really need. That feature has been expecting too, as the feature highlights the game’s trailer.

Game developer Niantic Labs have already told the media about this feature and said that trading has always been the core elements of the Pokemon series. It is also added that trading is now a top priority and is coming to the game.

Friends battle
Fighting in a gym is all fine and dandy, but how about walking around wondering who has the strongest line-up and settle it immediately. Introducing Friend Battles will also allow you to still be engaged in the app even when not out and about. This is has been expected, it’s just a measure of when.

Here, a player can go to a friendly gym and engage in friendly battles with another Pokémon player. It’s not as fun and thrilled similar to player-on-player direct combat games, but it’s something to sate you in the meantime.

Better tracking tools
Tracking tools would be a special kind of navigation system that allows players to find one specific Pokémon or tell where the Pokemon you looking for. This could be either showing where the Pokémon is on your map, or maybe creating a trail for the player to track down.

Gym notifications
In Bethesda’s Fallout Shelter game, players can send notifications to other players when their vault is having a threat or under attack from raiders. Why not make something similar for Pokemon GO? Why not make something really useful just to know if your turf is being taken by some other team.

Show other nearby trainers
Showing other Pokemon GO players near you is a great way for players to know if there’s a Pokemon GO hotspot or a rare Pokémon popping up nearby. If a player happens to be on the same team, they can talk and strategize about taking the gyms in that particular area.

Knowing every street name
Living in a very big city New York City is not an easy task, especially if you still new in the place and don’t know anything about street names. There are so many roads and knowing which one is which would help when you get turned around, but with the new features, you can see this being a security hazard if players are sharing screenshots.

Big events
There will be citywide events that bring together groups of players to tackle major objectives together. It’s likely these big events will have timers, meaning players have to organize actual humans together within a constrained time period to work on whatever the objective is.

Friends lists
This upcoming feature just makes sense. Because this could allow the player to see their friend walking around in their map if the two are nearby, and they could be able to look in on their friends’ progress and what Pokémon they have.

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Pokémon Go is a joint effort between a Google spinoff company Niantic Lab and the various companies responsible for the Pokémon franchise, including game developer Nintendo. The game debut last week in the U.S., Australia, and New Zealand. Pokemon GO is available now in selected areas for Android and iOS devices.

Picture Courtesy: Eduardo Woo/Flickr Creative Commons

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