Pokémon Go update: Expect more rare Pokémon next few weeks

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Pokemon GO (Photo Courtesy: Nintendo/Niantic Labs, Inc./The Pokemon Company)

Pokémon Go made their latest update to the augmented reality mobile game and rumors state that a number of rare Pokémon will now be available to be caught for trainers on a regular basis.

Reddit users are excited about the availability of rare Pokémon in the popular game, which remains to be one of the most talked about and played by video game fans months after its first release last July.

“[Picture of nearby Pokemon shows Pinsir, Tauros, Venasaur, Onix, Weedle]: none of these Pokémon (except for Weedle, of course) spawned with any degree of frequency nearby,” reported quoting a Reddit user who started the discussion on the new Pokémon Go update that reportedly has now more non-common creatures.

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“All of the sudden, spawn rates have skyrocketed nearby – the best I’ve ever seen is a single Ivysaur that didn’t even spawn at a nest, but now there is always Tauroses and Pinsirs, as well as the occasional very rare ‘mon, as pictured,”

There are different theories why the sudden appearance of the rare Pokémon for gamers to “maintain interest in the game.” The are criticisms on Pokémon Go that it’s starting to get boring with many users who initially downloaded the game not playing it anymore, according to rumors.

The other popular update recently is the Pokemon Go buddy system wherein users can choose a specific Pokemon to be their partner while gaining kilometers to get the precious candies they can use to evolve or power up.

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In Japan, there are reports that a rare Pokémon, Lapras has appeared and it caused problems with the traffic with many Pokémon fans going to the location.

Photo Courtesy: Nintendo/Niantic Labs, Inc./The Pokemon Company

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