Pokemon GO Updates: Buddy and trading system release schedule moved; Tips for the new update

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Pokemon GO buddy and trading system updates
Pokemon GO buddy and trading system updates

Despite the slow and steady decline of Pokemon GO, the game’s creator, Niantic, has still been dishing out updates for fans, with the next set of improvements geared towards a buddy and trading system for trainers.

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As reported by Heavy, users of the popular app can expect the update to happen anytime soon, with most people actually expecting it to happen Monday or Tuesday. Despite the app’s update taking longer than expected, it is rumored that it will be out before the weekend.

But, there is also a catch as the update will most probably not hit the app store simultaneously, similar to how the “nearby” feature was launched in California, ahead of other parts of the US. Heavy suggested that the best way to keep track of the update is to follow Niantic’s official Pokemon GO Twitter account, since they typically post their latest news there. Another suggestion was to keep track of announcements through communities like Pokemon GO’s official Reddit.

The anticipated Buddy Pokemon system will allow players to select one Pokemon that accompany them, making way for more in-game rewards and challenges. Players will also be given the benefit of being able to change their Buddy Pokemon at any time.

Pokemon GO Trading System

On top of the buddy system, it was reported that Niantic will also include a trading system where players can “trade and acquire items from other players but these things are not allowed to be sold, exchanged or transferred for real money, services or goods.”

The gaming company clarified that trainers should always make sure to obtain items without using unauthorized third-party apps and illegal means to obtain the items, or risk being banned from the game, immediately.

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The Pokemon trading system will also allow players to exchange items and Pokemon from their Pokedex with other gamers. Though beneficial for a lot of Pokemon trainers, Niantic is also worried that the feature may pave the way for cheaters to find more loopholes in the popular game.

Despite its success, Pokemon GO has been seeing a large decline in active users, with CBS reporting that there has already been a 35% decline from its peak in mid-July. Could the buddy system update lure these players back? If not, Niantic should already be building a Master Ball of epic proportions.

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