Pokemon News Update: Fan project Uranium is shutting down

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The fan project Pokemon Uranium was a very ambitious project which has undergone almost ten years of development. In August, however, the team behind this successful Pokemon spin-off have shelved the project after Nintendo issued a takedown notice to its creators.

During its lifetime, Pokemon Uranium has been constantly updated and produced 150 monsters, online tradings and battles, and new regions to explore. The game pretty much has a DS-game quality to it with only a few extra graphical tweaks. However, since it is not officially a Nintendo game, the company has to take action against copyright issues and finally succeeded in stopping the Pokemon Uranium team.

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The Uranium team made their announcement on their official Twitter page saying that “there is a limit to how far projects such as these will go.” They also added that they will completely stop any updates, downloads, support, and services for the game.

The announcement came quite as a blow to fans since it has been around for almost a decade. The confirmation also means that whatever version or upgrade the players have will be the last. The message also revealed how big Pokemon Uranium has become with up to 1.5 million downloads every week.

Pokemon Uranium is just one of the underground games that have become successful. However, Polygon noted that it wasn’t hiding deep enough that Nintendo easily found it. Although the team hasn’t confirmed that Nintendo has officially contacted them about it, the move sure looked like it.

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Aside from Pokemon Uranium, it has been reported that Nintendo has been running after other spin-offs of their other popular titles, like Zelda and Mario Bros. Prior to the Pokemon Uranium shutdown, a spin-off of the game Metroid 2: The Return of Samus has also been taken down even before the game was launched. GameJoy, a portal where fans can find homages of their favorite games have reported that they have taken down more than 500 Nintendo games look-alike.

Although game spin-offs created by fans are not uncommon, it has been just recently that Nintendo began to passionately hunt and take down these homages. The Pokemon Uranium will surely be missed by fans but eventually, all good things have to end.

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