Pokemon Sun and Moon 3DS game reveals new Pokemons, Aloha Forms & Evil Team; CoroCoro teases Rockruff’s ‘Secret Revolution’

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Pokemon Sun and Moon 3DS update release date CoroCoro leak
CoroCoro August issue leaked information about 4 new Pokemons to join roster. Will September issue reveal more Pokemons in Pokemon Sun and Moon 3DS game?

The CoroCoro August issue leaked information about the Pokemon Sun and Moon updates. It revealed new Pokemon species as well as new Aloha Forms and the Evil Team.

Sunabaa and Shirodesuna, the Ghost or Ground-type sandcastle Pokemon, were mentioned to join the Pokemon roster. Pre-evolution of Bewear in Nuikoguma form and Yowashi, the fish Pokemon, were also included.

The former is usually the Normal and Fighting-type while Yowashi is a Water-type Pokemon. The latter has a unique ability. It has the capacity to gather school of larger Yowashi fish.

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According to iDigitalTimes, new Aloha Pokemons were also added. These were the Aloha Marowak and Aloha Meowth.

The source described Marowak as a Fire ad Ghost-type. Before its identity was confirmed, theories about it were already made. One of them stated about its distinctiveness in the roster. The predictions cited its great capacity to fight off natural enemies.

On the other hand, Meowth is also from an Alohan royal family. However, this is the Dark-type of Pokemon. Based from the report, Persia might also get the same kind as well.

Aside from the new roster, Pokemon Sun and Moon reportedly comprised new Evil Team called Team Skull. The team composed of two members namely Guzma, the boss and Plumeri, the female member.

By next month, Rockruff’s “Secret Evolution” will also be showcased. Yet, its details were not exposed. No clues were given in the moment.

But a report mentioned about The Pokemon Company’s plan. They will release more specifics about Pokemon Sun and Moon within the next few days. These might include the localized names of the new Pokemon and a new trailer as well.

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Along with its revelation, they might include more indication of a new additional Pokemon. Pokemon Sun and Moon are the two upcoming 3DS games scheduled for release in November this year.

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