Pokemon Sun And Moon: 5 brand new Pokemon you haven’t met yet

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When Pokemon Sun and Moon demo was revealed, along came the information that there’s also an array of new Pokemons buried out there including regional and shiny variants. Although there is no news yet to specify what type or class variant these new Pokemons belong to, fans can’t wait to get their hands on them. According to data miners, there are 81 or more Pokemons in the Alola region alone. Here are five of those new ones:


There’s no name for this Pokemon yet but we nicknamed it Pewpy because this is its favorite expression. The basic appearance of Pewpy looked like a disfigured cheerleader sphere. However, its evolved version looked like an eight-legged Staryu. Pewpy made an appearance with Lillie, one of Professor Kakui’s young assistants.

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Ultra Beasts

Pokemon Sun and Moon showcases two types of Ultra Beasts in the demo game. One type looked like a fold-up leaf and doesn’t look menacing at all. The other one, on the other hand, looks gigantic and scary. This type was described by the Pokemon Company as having explosive speed and can even dodge lightning. Players will surely encounter these terrifying beasts which make their habitation in the Alola region.


Again, this is not the official name of this squid-looking cute Pokemon. We only call it Tapu because it comes after Tapu Koko in the Pokedex. And based on that information, it suggests it one of the special Pokemons that serves as guardians to the Alola region. Aside from Tapu, the game also introduced other spirit Pokemons but none of them look as cute as Tapu.

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Bear in mind that the names of the new Pokemons have not been revealed yet. So ‘Toucan’ is just a code name because it looked like a Toucan bird with its black and white feathers and multi-colored beak. This new Pokemon comes right after Pikipek in the Pokedex.

This raptor looking Pokemon is the evolved version of Salandit. Wait till you see how cool this dinosaur looks like when you get your hands on Pokemon sun and Moon.

Photo Courtesy: Ester Palxao/Flickr

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