Resident Evil 7: A major departure from Resident Evil game? To focus more on survival-horror rather than action-horror?

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At the recent Sony’s E3 2016 conference, gamer’s got the first look at the latest installment of Capcom’s longest running and most successful horror series. Gamers found it hard to believe that the incredibly scary, fast-paced first-person trailer that they witnessed at Sony’s E3 2016 event actually belonged to the latest incarnation of gaming’s longest-running horror franchise, Resident Evil 7.

It’s the latest installment of Capcom’s series and over the recent years, the game has grown into a more blockbuster action franchise, one of the biggest in the gaming industry.

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The producer of Resident Evil, Sony’s Masachika Kawata, has confirmed that his latest game is set in the Resident Evil universe, claiming that he’s making some major breaks with its predecessors, ditching the schlocky G and T-viruses in favor of more psychological horror. Kawata has talked about the full experience before the game launches in January next year.

Interestingly, the demo of this latest installment of the Resident Evil game doesn’t showcase many of the monsters and creepy creatures that the gamers might expect from the final product.

When asked about the teaser, Kawata revealed that the final Resident Evil 7 game is first-person as well. Kawata made a good explanation about this new game, saying that running and hiding won’t be gamer’s only recourse to escape Resident Evil 7’s horrors.

“One of the key features of Resident Evil is not just being a passive recipient of horror, but to try and fight back. We’ve chosen to focus on the horror aspect of combat in the demo,” Kawata said in a statement, via The Verge. “But the full game does feature combat.”

Finally, Kawata claimed that the final Resident Evil 7 game won’t be as action-heavy as Resident Evil 4, 5, and 6.

“It’s not about killing everything that moves, it’s more about ‘How do I survive and get out of this situation?'” Kawata added.

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In a recent interview with GameSpot, producer Masachika Kawata states that what is seen in the trailer was not in fact entirely from the Resident Evil 7 game. Reports said that come from the playable E3 teaser, which means that the material seen in the trailer is independent of the final version of Resident Evil 7.

One intriguing point about Kawata’s recent interview with GameSpot is how much Resident Evil 7 ties in with the established Resident Evil lore. However, Kawata did not provide much information about, only saying that herbs– he series’ main healing resource– will be in the Resident Evil game.

Resident Evil 7 is scheduled for release on PS4 and Xbox One in January next year.

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